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Email Acceptable Use Policy

Use of our webhosting services constitutes your agreement to abide by the rules set out within all Integrated Net Services Acceptable Use Policies.

Integrated Net Services Electronic Messages Acceptable Use Policy.

When sending Electronic Messages through the Integrated Net Services servers you must abide by these two rules.

  1. You may send a maximum of 1200 Email Messages per day either through the webmail service, your desktop email software, or from a mailout generated from your hosting.
  2. You will not send messages which by definition are spam or could be construed as such or allow anybody to use your hosting for the purposes of sending spam.

Spam is Defined as :

  1. messages that are delivered to recipients or groups of recipients who are not known to you, or have not requested the material, or who have not granted permission for the mail to be sent to them;
  2. messages that are mass-delivered and / or randomly delivered;
  3. messages delivered via email or newsgroups or other forms of discussion groups;
  4. messages which do not contain a valid removal/opt-out/unsubscribe option.

If Integrated Net Services receives complaints from a third party ISP or Email recipients regarding the purported sending of spam, Integrated Net Services reserves the right to investigate the origin of the spam, and take such action as to correct the infringement of the Acceptable Use Policy where such an infringement has taken place.

Integrated Net Services reserves the right to update this policy at any stage, by posting the new policy on the website.


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